Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy a good way.

The first week of July used to only be significant thanks to Independence Day.  That has changed for us over the last calendar year.  Now, the 4th of July has taken a backseat to two other very important days that we are looking forward to celebrating this week.  Coming up on Saturday (July 2nd) our little guy half a world away will be turning 1.  First birthdays are a very big deal in Korea, so we are hopeful that his foster mom will have a traditional celebration for his big day.  We will be having our own celebration here, with a delicious cake and we may even take a stab at making some Korean food.  Should be fun. 

The following day (July 3rd) will mark Addy's one year anniversary of being home...which would also be the one year anniversary of Sara and I swearing that 3 kids was it (we obviously changed our minds. we blame that decision on the jet lag, Addy screaming in our ears for 16 hours straight, and Emirates Air not giving us bulkhead seats from Dubai to New York).

Then there will be the 4th of July...

Then we are off on vacation for the rest of that week as we make our way to Florida.  Who doesn't love last minute decisions to take the family to the beach.  Thank goodness we got into a minivan last weekend (which for the record is the best decision we have made in a long time).  We LOVE our new ride.

Hope everyone else enjoys their upcoming week as much as we plan to enjoy ours.

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  1. She is too stinking cute, all of your kids are!! What an awesome month, that was Lola's coming home month & Cooper's, July rocks!!!!

    Did you guys get the Town & County?? We will be headed to the beach in July as well, can't wait. Can't wait to see your beach pics when you get them posted. Blessings!!!

    p.s. love your new picure!