Monday, June 6, 2011

2 years home for our big guy.

Two years ago today we landed at CVG with our newly minted soon-to-be six year old son.  He was a very small, meek, scared little boy that was about to go through a very difficult and challenging transition from life in Ethiopia to life in a family here.  The adjustment process with Parker unbelievably hard.  Sara and I went through countless days wondering how we were going to make through each day.  As time went on he learned how to speak our language, he learned what was expected of him, he learned to respect us, and he learned how to love us. 

We are so proud of our ever-growing little guy and can look back on the past two years with smiles knowing that we made it through the tough part. 

We made sure that most of this past weekend was about Parker.  We did some of his favorite things, ate some of his favorite foods, and celebrated the fact that we have a really incredible little guy that we get to call our son.

We love you Parker!

Slip and Slide with Lleyton

The boy loves all things cake and candy, so I combined those for him through this delicious Reese's Cup cake.

The horses are back, so we made a quick stop to say hello (well, the rest of us said hello while Lleyton proceeded to kiss the baby horse). Addy wasn't a big fan at first, so it was very cute watching her grab onto Parker for dear life.

The kids and I were excited to get over to Grammy and Pop's house to see cousins Nick and Drew and take a spin on the new boat.  Maybe I was a bit too excited, as I got a speeding ticket on the way...ces la vie.  We missed Sara during the trip to Grammy and Pop's as she had to again jet set her way across the country for work. 

What was Lleyton's favorite part of the new boat?  The rearview mirror.

Our navigator.

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