Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What the kids think.

By far the biggest part of our decision making process was the determining the effect adding another little one to our roster may have on Parker, Lleyton, and Addy.  Sara and I debated for days (if not weeks) before coming to the conclusion that we were prepared to move forward with this adoption. 

The decision wasn't made without consulting the little ones, and here's what they thought...

Parker - He was really campaigning for an older sister (he must not have remembered how difficult our adjustment was with him).  Once we brought him back to reality he was very excited about the possibility of a baby brother and he has been lobbying to share his room.

Addy - She seemed to be in favor of becoming a big sister, that is as long as we could guarantee her that the new little brother wouldn't try to drink any of her milk.  Don't get between our little girl and her milk.

Lleyton - He was our wildcard.  When asked if he would like a little brother, his response was, "No...I want to keep Addy."  After she was able to curtail her laughter, Sara assured him that we weren't trading Addy in for a little brother.   Upon understanding that Addy was still going to be around, most likely imitating his every move, Lleyton came to the conclusion that he was in favor of the new addition.

Our little guy in Korea has a few very excited older siblings waiting for him to join the party. 

Hope he's ready to be showered with kisses upon arriving at the airport.  The kids are already smooching him through the computer screen.


  1. Join the party...that's funny...The kids gave doug a birthday card today and it said... Happy birthday...from your favorite party animals!! Ha ha...it's always a party with 3 or 4 lil monkeys!!!!!

    cute! thanks for sharing!

  2. How sweet, can't wait to see how this little guy blesses your family, praying for your newest adventure!!!