Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank you

Upon making the decision to consider another adoption, Sara began spending more and more time on  Rainbowkids is a website that not only houses a plethora of information regarding adoption, but it is also home to lists of waiting children with special needs throughout the world.  On one of those lists is where we found our little guy. 

Our first three adoptions were borne from Sara and I's desire to form and expand our family.  This one is a bit different.  This one we set out to hopefully find a child with special needs that we were comfortable that we could address.  Our family could have been complete with three kids, but we have chosen to open up our hearts and home to one more because we feel that we have what it takes to offer the same loving family to another needy little person that Lleyton, Parker and Addy enjoy.

The little guy that that we can't wait to meet and welcome into our family has a heart defect that will need to addressed with surgery.  He has been diagnosed with moderate to severe ASD/VSD and heart failure.  Long term prognosis for him should be good after the surgery that will be required to fix what is ailing him.  One good thing that has come from our recognizing, diagnosing, understanding, and dealing with Lleyton's special needs (I have yet to write about what Lleyton is dealing with, but I will at some point soon) is that we have come to know more than our fair share of really talented doctors and therapists at the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.  One of which is a cardiologist.  After discussing our little guy in Korea's issues with her, she seemed confident that the surgery can be done with very high success rate and no long term affects on his health.

Unlike Lleyton and Addy, who spent their infancy in an orphanage, this little guy (whom I should come up with a blog name for so that I don't have to keep writing "this little guy") is living with a foster mother.  She lives in Seoul, which is where we will travel to pick him up when that time comes.  From the looks of the video we received of him last week, the conditions he lives in far exceed our expectations. 

More details to come as we move forward.  As of now we are gathering necessary paperwork kick this process into gear.

Please keep our little guy in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Prayers for sure!! LOVE me some SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTIONS!!!!! They are SO SPECIAL that is a FACT!!!! And, I LOVE rainbow kids...doug wants me to have them STOP sending daily profiles of children...ha ha...wonder why????

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have been absent from the blog world for quite some time now, but I am so excited to read this news! I can't wait to follow the rest of your journey! We also will be starting another adoption this year (later on)... but that is hush, hush for now! ;)

  3. we would like to adopted but it is the money we have a 4 year old son but it was hard for me cause i have pcos