Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Fun

As we have become accustomed to this week, the weather was awful this evening, so we set out to keep the kids entertained with coloring Easter eggs and eating Easter themed s'mores.   While the little ones decorated the eggs, it was Parker's job to assemble the delicious looking Peep s'mores.

By the looks of these pictures, he was happy to take on his task.

The little ones worked together to turn a dozen hard boiled eggs into works of art (by worked together I mean they stood next to each other). 

If I haven't told you before, Addy is a bit of a diva.  She really likes having things her way and if she deems things are going that way, she isn't afraid to tell you.  This was quite evident during this evening's fun.

She didn't really dig the idea of sharing the egg spinner with Lleyton, so while it was his turn to decorate and egg or two, this is what we saw...

A slightly different side of her came out when it was her turn...

Never a dull moment around here.


Oh, I almost forgot to share with you how Addy likes to tell us she is finished with her dinner.

Does she politely push her bowl to the side and wait for us to grab her?
Does she say "All done"?
Does she offer her brothers whatever may be left over?


She dumps her bowl on her head.


  1. We know when Lola is done because she wipes her hands...through her hair. Awesome. (Kate)

  2. Addy and Miles may just have to have a diva off when we finally meet you all. I think it will be an epic battle of wills!