Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quote that confims being a dad is the coollest thing ever...

It's 10:28pm and Lleyton is having trouble sleeping because of the high winds, so he is hanging with me on the couch watching the news. 

Our kids are on a pretty strict schedule.  Each night they are in bed by 8 o'clock and Sara and I enjoy the quiet time after they are resting peacefully.  But Lleyton being awakened by wind and being up late has been well worth it on this night because this is what he just told me...

"'re my best buddy, but Mommy is my best friend."

How lucky are we to have such great kids.



It's now 10:38pm and Lleyton just switched gears on me and came up with this quote on an entirely unrelated topic:

"Daddy...if I eat dog poop, I'll throw up."

Here's to hoping that he chooses not to put that theory to the test and that he does decide he needs to get a little shut eye tonight.


  1. Oh my WORD! Laughing out loud right now!!!!!!

    Got your trip planned?????

  2. Kids are free entertainment. I need to know yours and Sara's secret to getting them to go to bed that early. We are luck if our Grayson Faye is out by 10.