Sunday, January 10, 2010

Queen of Sheba

Yesterday afternoon we rounded up the troops and made the hour and a half drive to Louisville to get together with a very nice group of families that have also adopted from Ethiopia using our agency, CCI. The event was held at Queen of Sheba, a delicious Ethiopian restaurant. My compliments to the chef, the food was out of this world.

If Parker gets around injera, we know we are in for a long meal, as he won't stop eating until we mandate it. He and I put a very nice dent in our plate meant for 4 people, and if that wasn't enough, Parker also shared some of his friends Essie and Chloe's meal as well.

Here are the boys getting geared up for what is certain to be a great meal.

Here we are enjoying our lunch. Lleyton didn't eat any of the Ethiopian food, he opted for mac and cheese instead, but he did enjoy playing with the injera.

Here is Parker enjoying the food, hoping that he did a good job lobbying me to ask for another basket of injera (he did).

I want to thank Kristina B. for putting this event together. I am sure plenty of time and effort went into it making it happen, and it turned out great. Thank you.

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