Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Bengals lose, but I quickly bounce back.

The last time the Bengals were in the playoffs was January 2006. Back then, life was a little different, Sara and I were newlywed, we dreamt of having kids, but didn't have any yet, and I lived and died with every Bengals game.

How times have changed. The Bengals laid an egg last night, they are terrible. They haven't won a playoff game since I was 11 years old. The Reds are terrible. Tiger is in hiding somewhere after the world found out that he isn't the guy he seemed to be. The Hoosiers won't be in the tournament for a couple more years. The Bearcats can't draw 10,000 fans for a game against UConn (that they won), and all of that stuff really doesn't bother me too much anymore. Why? Because of my boys. I could sulk after that loss to the Jets, who were only in the playoffs b/c both the Colts and Bengals laid down in the last two games, I could ponder what caused Carson Palmer to go from an elite quarterback to a quarterback on the same level as Jason Campbell, I could even dwell on the fact that Shayne Graham missed two chip shot field goals that could have changed the outcome of the game, but I could also just forget about it and enjoy hanging with Sara and these two little guys.

That is just what I did.

Last week, knowing the snow was coming, we ventured out in search of a sled, and we found one. So we put it to good use this morning, and we all had a blast.

Take a look at the determination on Lleyton's face as he prepares to face the hill for the first time, and this was no bunny slope, it was a good sized hill.

Sure, I put myself in the line of fire for a few these shots, but it was well worth the looks of shear enjoyment I was able to capture.

Sara couldn't help but get into the action as Lleyton joined her aboard the sled.

The day would not have been complete had we not taught Parker the art of making a snow angel. He is a natural.

Carson who?

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