Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Sister update

The wait continues. We are into our 4th month of waiting for the good news to come out of Ethiopia that Baby Sister's paperwork has been completed and our case is ready to be submitted to the court. It's hard to explain the mood around our house, or maybe it's not, as this wait is agonizing. The moods range from concerned to depressed to scared to worried to sad for the little girl that we are anxiously waiting for. Each of those moods and emotions are easier to handle due to the fact that Lleyton and Parker don't really allow us to dwell on it too much, until they go to bed, and now we have Super Mario Brothers for the Wii to help distract us during those nighttime hours.

Each day starts the same way, as we check our email as soon as we wake up in hopes that "today is the day." One of these days will be "the day." I just feel it.

Sara and I have switched roles many times over the past months on who is the optimist and who is the pessimist. The adoptions of Lleyton and Parker went pretty smoothly from a beginning to end, of course there were hiccups, but no long delays, so this is uncharted water for us.

It has been nice to receive new pictures and videos of Baby Sister each time our agency director goes to Ethiopia, but it is those pictures and videos that make us yearn to get her home even faster, as it is evident that she is probably falling behind developmentally. She doesn't seem to be able to do the things that she would almost certainly be doing if she were receiving the one on one care that she will enjoy here.

Our agency director is scheduled to be in Ethiopia next week, so we are optimistic that after visiting with Baby Sister again, maybe she will be able to provide us with some additional clarity as to what may be causing the delay and the likelihood that the paperwork will be completed sometime soon. When we first accepted the referral we were considering the possibility that we could be traveling to pick her up in February. February is certainly going to come and go without us traveling, now we are just hoping that not many more months do the same.

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  1. I am praying for you and think of you often. I hope that those tough days go by quickly, but I can imagine that they are not easy to get through. It is such a blessing that you have each other to lean on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and updates!
    ~Sara W