Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coco Key

It was about 10 degrees outside this morning when I left the house to run to Kroger to get Sara some cold medicine and Gatorade (it's that time of year), but the temperature outside didn't stop me from getting the boys decked out in their swimming gear when I got home, as my dad had the very good idea yesterday to take the boys and a few of their cousins to an indoor water park today.

The boys had a great time, as did I. Lleyton got off to a bit of a slow start, as the water was pretty cold when we first arrived, but it warmed up, and Lleyton did the same. He started off small, going down a small slide about 100 times, and then he realized that if he bypassed that slide and made his way onward and upward, there were even bigger slides. He, of course, picked the biggest slide and went down it about 25 times before the lifeguard at the top decided he was too small to go down it. Not sure why after 25 times he was then too small, but he handled the rejection well.

Parker stayed busy running around the park with his cousin Claire. If they weren't lounging in the lazy river, they were in the hot tub, if not the hot tub, they were navigating the slides. It was nonstop action for 5 hours. Needless to say, both boys were in bed early tonight, and we were happy about that, as the water park wore me out as much as them, and Sara's cold is not relenting.

Here are the boys killing a little time waiting for Grammy and Pop to arrive.

Lleyton's opting to go headfirst down the small slide.

The face of a fearless child ascending to the to top of the big boy slide.

The aforementioned big boy slide.

Parker has really taken a liking to the responsibilities that come along with being a big brother.

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