Thursday, December 15, 2011

Parker questions the man himself...Santa Claus.

Parker's inquisitive nature (aka obsession with asking questions) has been well documented on this blog.  From the moment he could speak understandable English he has been busy asking questions. 

Endless questions. 

Some good, some bad, some funny, some hilarious. 

With that being true I shouldn't have been too surprised when I got the chance to see the letter that he recently sent to Santa.  To our delight, jolly old St. Nick responsded to Parker's letter and sent back Park's original letter so that he can hang onto it .  In his letter to Parker, Santa even noted how many questions our ever-inquisitive son asked. 

The following letter made my week. 

As you will see, he had plenty of questions on his mind when he wrote this.

Some good, some bad, some funny, some hilarious.


(For those not as adept at reading the handwriting of an 8 year old, I have provided an abridged version below the pictures)

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa.  I have a ton of questions.
Is Rudolph real?
Are you real?
What's your reindeers' favorite food?
Do you ever die?
Is there an elf named Alison?  If I know, do not fire her.
When I grow up can I be an elf?
Are you magic?
Can your reindeer fly?
How many elves do you have?
How do you make toys?
Did anybody shoot you before?
Has anybody seen you before?
How old are you?
Did you ever fall off a roof?
Is the North Pole cool?
Is it fun?
What's the elves favorite food?
How old is Mrs. Claus?
Is the workshop cool or fun?
How old do you have to be an elf?
Is there a guard at the North Pole?
Do you eat steak?

There you have it...22 thought provoking questions for Santa.  I personally can't help but laugh each time I read them, especially the last one. 

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Very good questions! I never thought to ask Santa if he was shot before as a mistaken burglar instead of the giver of gifts...
    He will make a great lawyer some day!