Monday, December 12, 2011

Lleyton's day at the office.

Last week our little guy had his annual check-up with his cardiologist, which meant he had to lay very still during the tests they run.  If you have spent any time with Lleyton or just know him through this blog, you probably already know that sitting still isn't his strong suit.  With that being true, Sara came up with the fantastic idea of promising him a very nice reward if he hung in there and made the doctors job easy during his appointment. 

What was the reward you might ask?

A trip to the office to hang with me.  The idea stemmed from Lleyton unearthing a suit in his closet that was handed down to him by his cousin Tanner.  So after successfully completed the tasks required of him at the Children's Hospital, Sara and her mom brought the little man over so he could "work" with daddy.  And work he did...

He closed a deal or two by wowing imaginary customers with his over the phone sales skills.

He helped out around the office, including making sure the copier made clear copies of hand.

He even got a chance to head upstairs and join Pop in his office.

He impressed everyone with his boyish good looks and sweet disposition.  Thus, I'm pretty sure he's welcome back at the office anytime.

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