Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New favorite website!

I recieved this great email from a family that is trying to make a huge difference in the lives of children in Kamashi, Ethiopia, which is where Parker grew up.

Dear Friends of Kamashi,

As you may have heard by now, our family is starting a Non-Profit Organization called Rivers of Living Water ~ Helping Orphans and Widows in Need ~ James 1:27. It is our desire to be used by God to bring a hope and a future to orphans and widows in Ethiopia. It is the deep desire of our hearts to bring clean water to orphans that have none, but more than that, to bring Living Water to empty and hopeless hearts.

Our first project is the Kamashi Orphanage. We have been in contact with the director via his son and we are working together to help them install a clean water well for the orphanage. As you may know, there are 168 boys, ages 10-20 who live at the orphanage. Most of them, unless adopted, will live out their entire childhood there. There is no clean water available. There was a shallow well put in at one time, but it has run dry. The boys go down to the river to collect dirty water in jugs, then transfer it to large barrels and bring that back to the orphanage. This is their drinking water.

Some have said in unbelief, that this is an impossible dream, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

We are asking for your help.

We know that you have a special place in your hearts for the children and people of Kamashi.

Can you commit to PRAY for this project? Pray that no weapon formed against us will prosper.

Right now partnerships are being formed in order to get this job done.

Pray for the Lord to continue to open doors that can not be shut.

We are starting an online campaign to raise awareness and the funds needed to install the well. We have a website and a page on Facebook. If you get a chance, please visit them. Our pre-bid estimate for the well is between US $5000 – $10,000. All monies raised will go into a project fund. As a safeguard, no money will be paid to the orphanage, but will be used to pay the well engineers directly.

Our hope is to organize a mission trip. We would LOVE to have the families of children adopted from Kamashi and those who have served there in the past, to join us in returning to bless the remaining children and people from the village. They are also in need of shoes and clothes. We are hoping to organize a trip at the same time the well will be installed, or shortly after it is completed. This way we can check up on the project and share in the joy of clean water for the children! At that time we would be bringing donated items, shoes, clothes, blankets etc. and hopefully a copy of “The Jesus Movie” in their language. We want to have a church worship service where we worship the Lord, watch the film, and pray for the sick.

Can you please help us?

Can you pray? Pray? Pray? Pray? We need this the most.

Can you help us spread the word? Share our website and LIKE our Facebook page.

Can you help us financially? A tax deductible fund will be available shortly to send donations to on our website.

Can you pray about doing a fundraiser in your area? A 5K run, yard sale, benefit dinner, concert, silent auction?

Can you pray about coming with us to Kamashi later in the year or the beginning of next year?

If you know of other families that have adopted from Kamashi, please SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Thanks so much for your time. I am looking forward to hearing your responses.

Are you in? 
We are. 

Parker in Kamashi

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  1. Hey Matt...may I ask who is doing this? Love it!!