Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The secret behind our Christmas card.

I rarely have an issue getting good pictures of Lleyton and Parker.  When the camera comes out they start shine.  The same can't be said for the Addster.  She is a diva in every sense of the word and much of the time she isn't too interested in smiling for pictures.  For that very reason Sara and I had put off taking pictures for our Christmas card until we could come up with a solution, a way that we could guarantee Addy would be smiling.

Before I let you in on our secret, allow me to show you the finished product.

She seems pretty happy does she not?  She's waving for the camera, smiling ear to ear looking genuinely excited to be having her picture taken. 

She was excited alright, but not because we were having a little photo session with her brothers.  Rather, she was excited because before and after each picture Sara was on Johnny-on-the-spot offering her one of her favorite treats, Smarties.  That's right, we bribed her to smile...and it worked!

Here are a few outtakes to prove it.  You can see either a mouthful of the tiny candies or Sara's hand kindly offering our little beauty payment in return for big smiles. 

She also smiles on command for spoonfuls of ice cream and M&M's, but we figured Smarties were the way to go on this evening, as the pictures just wouldn't have been the same had she had her face covered in ice cream or her hands covered in melted candy coating.


  1. Whatever it takes to get great pictures!! The card turned out wonderful! Merry Christmas!