Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mr. Mom: The Abridged Version

Mr. Mom is back.

Sara, being the jet setting corporate woman she is, is off to the great state of Texas for a couple of days and I must have passed the test last time she left because she didn't call in any reinforcements (that I know of) to help with the kids.

Our evening activities have yet to be planned, and I like to blame that on the extremely cold temperatures outside, notsomuch my concern that I am still not up to taking all three kids somewhere solo.  Last time I was Mr. Mom we successfully made our way to Jump Zone for an evening of fun and frolic, but we are little over budget on Jump Zone expenditures this year after Lleyton's extravaganza last weekend.

Here's hoping that the kids are as well behaved this time as they were the last, and if they're not I have my ace in the hole...Sara's cell phone number.  For one reason or another, if I get upset with Parker he doesn't seem to care.  In fact, when I get most upset with him he laughs at me (which is frustrating beyond belief).  But if Sara is upset with him he wilts.  Typically, even the threat of a phone call to mom makes him straighten up immediately.  No phone calls needed to be made last time we had the house to ourselves, so I am not planning on any this time either. 

If you need me tomorrow night, I will be busy frantically trying to clean up the messes that myself and the kids will undoubtedly be making over the next couple of nights. 

Wish me luck.

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  1. Love all the birthday pictures! Your kiddos are so adorable!!
    Good luck!! My hubby will be gone all weekend and I am frantically thinking of inexpensive things we can do, so mommy doesn't go insane! :)