Tuesday, December 7, 2010

European Vacation

Sara and I were both thinking the same thing after last week's announcement that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup...European Vacation! 

We have 8 years to win the lottery and/or save up enough money to get the whole family on a plane so that we can be in Samara as the world looks on during the most popular event on the globe.

To sit in this stadium along the banks of the Volga river (which happened to be frozen each time we were there) with Lleyton, Parker, and Addy would be a dream come true. 

Sara and I fell in love with Russia and Ethiopia during our visits there, and we would love to be able for our kids to say the same.

Eight years seems like ample time to make this happen. 

Are you in Lopers?


  1. Samara and not in the dead of winter? I'd think we would all hardly recognize the place. I've heard its absolutely beautiful and fun in summer, how cool would that be?! Lets start saving our spare change now!

  2. You could feel the European travel if u are going to have a train travel in different destination in Europe.