Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We've got a walker!

Buckle your seat belts...our little spitfire is walking on her own two feet.

After showing signs over the weekend that she was quite interested in changing her mode of getting around, tonight was the night. 

Tell me this little girl isn't pretty impressed with herself.

Admittingly, this video isn't of her very first step, but in relation to the number of steps she is going to take throughout her life, I think capturing her second or third steps isn't bad. 

As entertaining as Addy is in this footage, I am equally as amused by Lleyton impersonating Al Bundy in the background while watching a movie.


  1. I think you must have read our last post to her about Roman's baby sister. Nothing like a little extra motivation to get her going. Way to go Addy!

  2. Hey guys, I am leaving soon to pick up our boys at Miskaye. Would you like me to bring back pictures or updates for Tenaye or anything?
    My address is 7600 Chapel Point Rd./Port Tobacco, MD 20677 - Just let me know if you are sending things - Thanks!!!

  3. she just just so darn cute!! I'm so happy for you all that your family is finally all together! Blessings!

  4. Hoping against hope that I might be flying out Sunday Nov 14th for an embassy date of the 18th... Will let you know if those plans change - can't wait for everyone to see how big Addy is and how much she is thriving!!!