Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Addy's TOP 10 List

In getting know the Addster over the past four and a half months, that fact that she is opinionated and is not afraid to share those opinions is crystal clear.

Based on my unscientific research and personal experience with my strikingly beautiful little girl, I unveil to you Addy's 10 favorite things:

1. Sea Salt Caramel Truffle ice cream (TRY IT!)
2. Vanilla ice cream

3. Wendy's chocolate Frosty
4. Chocolate Goldfish
5. Whole milk
6. 2% milk
7. Lleyton
8. Peas
9. Mommy
10. Daddy

Sara and I have high hopes of moving up the list one of these days, but we are also realistic and don't know that the joy that she shows when we walk into a room will ever equal that of when ice cream comes out of the freezer.

Update:  The little Addster does indeed love her oldest brother too.  He is incredibly sweet to her, loves being right next to her, loves kissing and hugging her, and is always trying to make her laugh.  Lleyton, on the other hand, plays a little hard to get and I'm afraid that what might be what Addy likes so much about him.  I guess we have a few years to try to her leaning towards the sweet, caring, and nice boys.

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