Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homemade donuts.

In order to reduce the chaos that can at times take over our house on the weekends, we try to plan an activity or two that we can do with the kids that will both keep them occupied and entertain them. 

We stumbled upon this morning's activity while reading one of our favorite blogs last night.  Megan, who keeps us laughing and has been a source of quite a bit of good insight and ideas regarding sensory issues over at Millions of Miles, let us in on a recipe for homemade donuts and Sara gave it a shot this morning. 

Along with being delicious, they are very simple to make.  The best part of the activity was that Lleyton enjoyed the finished product, which is saying something because it is always a challenge to get him to eat.

On the other hand, it is not difficult to get Addy and Parker to eat their fair share, and this morning was no different.  Parker inhaled his chocolate glazed creation quicker than I could get the camera to capture his enjoyment, but Sara was able to catch up with Addy before she was able to finish hers.

Nothing brings a bigger smile this young lady's face than a delightful sweet treat.

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