Monday, December 14, 2009


If you are a parent out there and your child refuses to take medicine, even though he or she is in great pain, one way you might consider getting your little one to take the medicine is by saying that Ocho Cinco takes it after every game.

It has not been easy to get Parker to take medicine over the last week, ask Grandma Susie, who has been a huge help to Sara and I during Parker's stay at home. The boy will not take medicine. With that being the case, I had to get creative. I came up the idea of telling Parker that all of the Bengals take this medicine when they get hurt. His first question was: "Even Ocho Cinco?". I knew I was onto something at that point.

I figured that this little white lie we are telling our big man is justified by the fact that once he does take the medicine he feels so much better.

I am happy to report, hopefully not prematurely, that Parker is beginning to feel better. His pain level over the past 7 days has been pretty/very high. But after another sleepless night last night, he seemed to settle down a bit today and was becoming himself again (except for his voice, as Sara very adequately described it today, he sounds like a little girl who just sucked a helium balloon). Needless to say, we are hoping his normal voice comes back soon.

The plan right now is that if he has another good day tomorrow home with Grandma Susie, we will take him back to school on Wednesday. He is very excited about that, as he really misses his friends.

I have to take a second to thank Sara's mom for all of her help over the past week. We didn't envision Parker's recover being so difficult for him and we couldn't have made it though it without her. Thanks Susie! Lleyton and Parker will certainly miss having you around after you head back to Kokomo. There will always be room at the Ritzmann Inn if you need a little getaway.

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  1. Glad he's feeling better and back at school. Love the Christmas picture. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.