Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Consumer Reports

I know we are still a day or so from Parker and Lleyton opening presents from Santa, but they both received gifts from their Grammy and Pop this past weekend that I feel compelled to review for you.

What are these gift you may ask? Leapfrog Tag and Tag Jr. reading systems. I knew that the boys would be receiving all sorts of toys for Christmas, so when my mom and dad asked for ideas about what to get the boys, I quickly recommended these products.

Sara and I had seen them in the store, and we thought both boys would love them, and we were correct.

Both boys now read their own books before going to bed. Forever, our bedtime routine has involved Sara and I both reading a book to each boy. Now the boys read books to us using their Tags.

Here's how they work: Parker system includes a pen-like mechanism that he simply touches the pages of the book. Any word he touches is said aloud through the Tag, or he can touch the top of any page and it will read that page to him. Along with that, there are different games he can play throughout the book.

Lleyton's Tag Jr. is similar. His allows him to touch different places on a page and it will say what color something is, or what type of animal, and so on and so forth. He loves it, and it is durable enough for him to really hit the pages of the book hard.

For those parents looking for a last minute gift idea for your little one that they will enjoy and will be very educational, I highly recommend these two products.

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