Sunday, August 23, 2009

Florence Freedom

Sara and I have undertaken the very daunting task of pulling up the existing floors on our first floor and replacing them with hardwood. This task, although expected to be quite rewarding in the end, is very labor intensive. It has taken up pretty much all of the last two weekends and we are about half done. In an effort to reward the boys for their relatively good behavior during our home improvement project, we set out for a minor league baseball game last night ( The boys loved it. Parker had been to a game with his daycare class earlier this summer and had been asking to go back ever since. I highly recommend going if you live around here. Here are some pictures from our evening.

(UPDATE: After reviewing the picture above, although it appears as though Lleyton is smiling, I believe that if you enlarge the picture you will see that he is actually pinching himself to the point that it hurts. That is the reason for the exaggerated smile/grimace on his face.)

As much as the boys did love it, they were also anxious to get home after a few innings, because not a night can go by that we don't sit outside of each boy's room and do puzzles before reading books and signing off for the night. Here they are racing to the car (Parker's longer legs give him the advantage in foot races for the time being, but Lleyton isn't too far from catching him).

And here they are behaving very well while Mommy and Daddy work to install floors around them.

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  1. wow, that seems like a HUGE undertaking. I was feeling overwhelmed in just having my Knight mention that he wants to refinish are 1st floor hardwood floors. God bless you guys.

    Your sons are beautiful...glad you got to enjoy a little outing together.

    found you through the ethiopian adoption blog list. ;-)

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted