Thursday, August 13, 2009

Riding a wave of great behavior and saying goodbye to Lleyton's favorite teacher

Great teachers don't have to be many years removed from high school. We have learned this from Lleyton's favorite teacher, Miss Katie. Miss Katie is leaving the daycare center that Lleyton and Parker attend, en route for college. She will be greatly missed. Lleyton simply adores her, and for that, we think the world of her. She is just a couple months past her high school graduation, but that hasn't affected her ability to work with Lleyton and aid in his tremendous growth in the last 6 months.

Best of luck to Miss Katie, we are positive that she will succeed no matter what field she chooses to enter.

Onto Parker. We have been riding a wave of great behavior over the last couple of days. He had a rough day on Tuesday at daycare, so I went and picked him up early and took him home and was going to take him straight to his room and talk to him about his behavior. But, as has happened a couple of other times after misbehaving at daycare, by the time I arrived home with him, he was fast asleep in the car and slept through the night (not in the car of course). I suppose he just wears himself out when he is misbehaving at school and he is exhausted by the time I get him home.

Well, since that day, he has been perfect. Have we turned a corner and are our problems behind us, no, but I just had to acknowledge my little man's wonderful behavior over the past couple of days. I often write about our struggles, so I wanted to also write about our successes. My fingers are crossed that he is enjoying all of the positive attention he is getting from behaving so well.

School starts next Wednesday. It is a little difficult to grasp that this is the last weekend of Sara and I's lives for approximately the next 18 years at least, that we won't have a child that is in school.

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  1. Can I just say that almost a year after this has been written I am just now seeing it? You and Sara are amazing people raising beautiful children. Lleyton is my little man and will always hold a special place in my heart! I am excited to work with Parker this summer in the kindergarten room. You two are doing a terrific job with the two of them and I am ecstatic to meet the newest addition Addis. Best of luck and thank you for being so sweet. It's easy being around Lleyton and he just lights up my day!

    Love, Katie