Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One turtle saved

Tonight we were all playing in the backyard when Parker's soccer ball bounded down the steps toward our basement door. It ended up being a very fortuitous bounce for one lonely turtle.

As Parker headed down to retrieve the ball, he quickly retreated saying that he found a turtle. I was perplexed. I couldn't figure out how a turtle could have ended up down there, but I went to investigate anyhow. Low and behold, there was a turtle lounging in a small puddle near the bottom of the steps. Sara's animal loving side quickly spurned our first family adventure as we set out to save the turtle. She scurried to locate a bucket and a utensil to help usher the turtle into the bucket. As the boys and Sara supervised, I took on the large responsibility of coaxing the turtle into the bright red chariot that would ultimately carry this lucky reptile to a second chance at life.

Here is Lleyton asking if the turtle was scared. Without exaggerating, I would say that he asked us that question 100 times during the 20 minute rescue mission.

Here he is exclaiming "OH GOSH!" as he feared the turtle was scared, which I am certain only frightened the turtle more.

And here he is trying to explain to the turtle that we are going to take him to see his mommy again.

This first family adventure would lead us to one of the lakes in our neighborhood. So we all jumped in the car and escorted the turtle back to its rightful home. Once at the lake, we found the perfect spot to say our goodbye and good lucks.

Free at last! Good luck, my friend.

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