Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A much needed night out...

Sara and I were afforded a night out without the kids for my sister's wedding, thanks to Sara's mom and step dad for coming down and entertaining the little ones.

On July 17th, my younger sister became the last of the Ritzmann children to wed. She and her fiancee, Andy, ditched their single years in style with a fantastic wedding and reception. Thanks to mom and dad for throwing one heckuva party. For those interested in a really unique venue for a wedding or party in Indianapolis, give John Mavris a call and take a look at his facility ( You won't regret it.

Editorial comment: Indianapolis is a great city. I would very much appreciate if the powers that be in Cincinnati would make that 90 minute drive and spend a day or two in Indy to get an idea of what a desirable city looks and feels like.

Back to the wedding, here are a few pictures from the evenings festivities.

The happy couple posing for a picture with my mother.

Sara and I with Indianapolis as a backdrop.

The Ritzmann siblings.

The Ritzmann siblings with significant others.

Our hosts for the evening, more commonly known as my mom and dad.

A few delicious spirits plus the addition of some good music, equals a recipe for dancing.

The boys did make it to out for the pictures before hand, so we are quite excited to see those pictures. They looked very handsome in their sunday best. Those pictures will certainly be posted once I can get my hands on them.

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