Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lleyton Day

In honor of this being the last weekend with just Lleyton, we deemed today Lleyton Day. We did our best make the whole day about Lleyton. Yes, everyday is Lleyton day, but today was extra special.

I woke up this morning with Lleyton and we laid and watched Elmo for awhile and then we headed downstairs to make his favorite waffles. After breakfast we just hung out and played in the house. Then it was time to unveil the new bounce house that we got for Lleyton and Parker. We figured that the boys wouldn't need to be able to speak the same language to enjoy a bounce house, so we splurged and bought them one. Lleyton had a blast breaking it in for his older brother.

After a corn dog and some juice, our little man laid down for his nap. As usual, he woke up invigorated. So after working on our throwing and catching, and riding his bike around the house, we went to feed the horses. It is a new group of horses this year, but don't worry, Lleyton likes them just as much. The boy is fearless. This year there is a really big horse in the group and Lleyton had no qualms about feeding her apples and petting her.

After visiting with his horse friends, Lleyton found enough time to help his mom pack Parker's suitcase. You can see that he favors packing stuffed animals over clothes.

This evening we took Lleyton to his favorite restaurant, Fazolis. The boy loves spaghetti, and he especially loves Fazolis spaghetti. After dinner we had more plans in store for him. We made a quick pit stop at Walmart to pick up a few things for our trip and made our way to the park. Lleyton loves the park. And as much as he loves the park, he hates to leave the park.

We then coaxed him into the car and we were off to Graeters for some strawberry chip, Sara and Lleyton's all time favorite ice cream.

And what better way to wrap up the day than with some bubbles in the backyard.

We had a great day. Next weekend at this time we will be in Addis hopefully sleeping before we get up and go meet Parker.

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