Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parker's journey to us begins in less than 2 days

When we got the good news last Tuesday that Parker was ours, we were told that we may know when we are going to be slated to travel within 2 weeks. So at this point we are just waiting to hear. We do know that Parker and one of his friends will be leaving Kamashi on Thursday for a 14 hour drive to Addis Ababa, where he will stay until we pick him up.

It is a bit sad to think that in a day or so he will be leaving everything he has ever known and venturing into a world completely unfamiliar to him. I am praying that the journey is easy on him. I am also feeling for his aunt, who was caring for him. I pray that she knows that we will provide a wonderful home for him and that we will always be very thankful for her giving us this opportunity to welcome him into our lives.

I can't imagine being 5 or 6 years old and being asked to somehow grasp the change is he about to endure. It is my understanding that he has probably never seen a TV, probably never seen an airplane, never had a bedroom full of his own clothes and toys, never seen or done most of the things that we do on a daily basis. He is in for a treat.

On a very positive note, I have been in touch with a few other families over the last week that have recently adopted older children from Ethiopia. Each family has said their transition has gone very well. The children seem to just soak up the language very quickly. One family said that within 8 weeks, their child was fluent in English. Being able to learn from other families experiences helps us so much with what to expect during the first months with our little man. We were also told that one of Parker's friends, the one he will be traveling from Kamashi with, is also being adopted by a family in the US and we will probably be traveling with that family. Having another family traveling with us in Russia helped a ton, and I am guessing that would be the same case with this adoption.

Hopefully I will have more details to report soon.

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