Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last weekend before being the parents of two children? Hopefully.

With this being one of our only free weekends prior to us hopefully traveling to Ethiopia, we thought we should take advantage of having no plans. So we picked up on Saturday afternoon and headed for Indianapolis to visit some family and friends. Not only did we get to spend some quality time with his cousins, we also met up with our friends Kirk and Melanie for dinner at Bazbeauxs. They have a very cute 1 year old girl, Audrey, that Lleyton really took a liking to. The dinner went quite well until Lleyton attempted to give Audrey a high five, but instead smacked her in the face. Sorry Audrey.

These were some of the better pictures we took of Lleyton and his cousins over the last couple of days.

Wendell's dog bowl often becomes Lleyton's hat.

Could there be a better dog?

Acting silly with cousin Claire.

Cousin Drew really seemed to enjoy the chocolate icing.

Cousin Nick is not shy about showing off his washboard abs.

After seeing the exhibition Drew put on with his piece of cake, we elected to strip Lleyton down when it was his turn to have a slice.

He watches Elmo videos very intently, so he doesn't miss anything Elmo teaches him.

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