Friday, March 6, 2009

Thinking about Parker

I have thought quite a bit about Parker today, as I do everyday, but today has been a bit different. Today will be the day that he gets introduced to us for the first time. He will be introduced to the life that we have waiting for him. I can't imagine the feelings that he will have looking at the pictures we sent to him.

Is he happy?
Is he sad thinking about leaving those that he has grown to love?
Can he really process what he is happening or about to happen?

These are all questions that I am sure we will learn the answers to once we get to meet our little boy.

As for where we are in the process, we are anxiously checking the mailbox each day waiting to receive our I-171H from USCIS. This is the document that says we have been approved to bring this little boy into the United States.

We are also very anxiously waiting to get an email from our agency director (who is currently visiting Parker in Kamashi) saying when our court date is. The way court has been working in Ethiopia recently is that most families do not pass court on the first try. With that, we are preparing ourselves for that, but of course hoping for the best.

Here's hoping we get the email or call soon with a court date. We can't wait to bring our little guy home!

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