Sunday, March 15, 2009

Premier League

As of late, Lleyton has really been developing into quite a little futballer. I made this short video this morning and am thinking about sending to the coaches at IU.

He could be the next Ronaldo.


  1. Hello Matt and Sara,
    LLeyton is so cute! I loved the video :) He is definately in competetion to be the next huge soccer star! Keep working on it...he might have goalie potential :)

    Talk to you soon,
    Sara Wuellner

  2. Adorable! I was kicking ball with him the other day at school. He went for kicking the big stuff-the basketball lol!. He's getting pretty good and I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually got into IU with this! :)
    Love ya guys!

    ~Miss Bekah~