Monday, February 16, 2009

Updates on Parker Lelesa

From what I understand, our documents were sent off to Ethiopia today. They should arrive there sometime this week and be translated and then submitted to the court. The courts are running very slowly right now, so it looks likes we probably won't have a court date until sometime in May. Disappointing, yes, unexpected, no.

While we wait we are beginning to put Parker Lelesa's room together. We spent some time this weekend dreaming in the Pottery Barn Kids store in Kenwood. We are just going to make it a habit to call the outlet each week to see if they have any sales that are worthy of the hour long drive. We have had quite of bit of good luck in that store, so hopefully that luck doesn't run out now.

I am sure time will fly, especially with Lleyton keeping us as busy as he does, but it is going to be very difficult to wait knowing that our little man is living in less than perfect conditions. We both know that we made it through the wait before meeting Lleyton, and we will make it through this wait as well.

We did get new pictures of our little man that were taking maybe as recently as last week. He is cute as a button. I am contemplating wallpapering the walls in my office with his pictures. I wish I could post his pictures here for all to see, but I am unable to do that. Ethiopia says that I am not able to post pictures of him in a public environment until he is officially ours.

Picture a darker version of Lleyton, with same striking brown eyes. He is a very handsome little boy.

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