Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I can't wait to do with Parker and Lleyton

- Give them their first golf lesson
- Take them to a Reds game
- Watch the Masters with them
- Play HORSE in the driveway with them (after getting a bball goal, of course)
- Toss a baseball with them
- Take them to an Indiana basketball game
- Kick a soccer ball with them
- Take them to a Florence Freedom game
- Take them to the circus
- Ride bikes with them in Kiawah
- Go Christmas shopping for Sara with them
- Be a chaperon on a field trip with them
- Help them with their homework
- Take them to Disney World

The list is endless, and as you can see, it is sort of sports themed. I have been fortunate enough to have gone to some really cool sporting events in my day. At the time, I didn't think those events could have been any cooler, but thinking about it now, having a son or daughter to take with me would make it even better.

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