Monday, February 16, 2009

Our care package for Parker

Our adoption coordinator has so graciously offered to deliver a care package to Parker Lelesa in Ethiopia. She will be traveling from Florida to Ethiopia at the end of this month. Sara, Lleyton and I have put quite a bit of time into putting together a package for him. We were limited to a 2.5 gallon bag, but with Sara's creativity, we were able to fit quite a few things into the bag. Sara created a very nice photo album for Parker that will hopefully introduce him to what he has waiting for him once we are able to bring him home.

We are so excited for this process to move along. We know, having done it before, that there can, and will, be undue delays along the way, but we are certainly hoping for the best.

We have simply fallen head over heels in love with this little boy that lives half a world away from us in a land that we would have never dreamt of having the privilege of traveling to. Strangely enough, we have had this feeling before. Our feelings for this little man that we have never met but for a few pictures and a video continue to grow stronger as the days pass.

Sara and I both feel overwhelmingly fortunate to be in a position to do what we are doing. To be blessed with Lleyton last year and hopefully bring Parker home and into our family this year, we couldn't be happier.

Here are a couple pictures of our care package to the little man...

-Parker, if you are reading this, your cousins Cole and Will wanted to say "Hi". They are very excited to meet you. Both of them asked if they could send a shirt over to you in the package and Pop sent one too. They all hope that you enjoy your new clothes and they can't wait to meet you.

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  1. Where's the IU stuff in the care package?? Nobody in Ethiopia likes Texas.