Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Living in fast forward...

…at least that’s what it feels like most days/weeks/months in our house.  Time is flying by and there always seems to be something going on, yet we are doing our best to slow down and enjoy the ride. 

As you will probably concur after taking a look at the pics below, the kids are growing like weeds (except Lleyton of course, as he’s still positioning himself to be a jockey when he gets a bit older). 

Parker is nipping at Sara’s heals and could soon hold the title of 2nd tallest person in the family.

Addy and Cam are on the fast track to catching Lleyton soon, but who knows, maybe our little guy will spring up there and find his way onto a growth chart of these days. 

This year, not surprisingly with 4 small children, has been quite busy.  We set out to sell our house early in the year and to our delight we were successful (now if we could only unload our two rental properties we’d be set).  We bid adieu to our old house at the end of May and “moved into” our new house at the same.  The quotation marks symbolize the fact that we did move in and are living in the house, yet there remain MANY boxes yet to be unpacked (thank heavens for a fancy dryer that gets the wrinkles out of my pants/shirts each morning, as cardboard boxes don’t prevent wrinkles as well as hangers).  Our goal was to have all of that taken care of prior to our departure on vacation a couple of weeks ago, but that didn’t happen. Ces la vie. 

 Parker wrapped up another baseball season recently, as did Lleyton.  Addy and Cam did their best throughout the season to not allow Sara and I to sit down during any one game for an extended period of time and succeeded. 

 This week marks the week that we took off a year ago to head to Seoul to bring Camden home.  Those memories are so vivid in our minds right now, as we yearn to someday get back there.  I miss Seoul….and Moscow and Samara…and Addis Ababa.

Through the first half of the year we have celebrated both Sara and I’s 34th birthdays, as well as Cam’s first birthday with us (his 3rd overall), Parker’s 10th birthday, as well as Addy and Parker’s anniversary dates of joining our family. 

 In my heyday I was able to find the time to jump on here and blog a few times a week, which worked out great, as it gave those close to us an idea of what we were up to while also allowing Sara and I to preserve memories that we can share with the kids as they grow older.  Now I’m not one that’s going to say that I am going to be able to get back to my glory days (it’s amazing how much less time you have with each additional child entering the mix) but here’s to hoping I can get back in some sort of swing of things. 


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