Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Overdue Reunion

Our journey to form a family began 7 years ago when we decided to adopt our first child.  After considering different options we came to the conclusion that Russia is where we were going.  Both Sara and I had the good fortune of spending some time out of the country, but neither of us had traveled to a place like Russia. 
As the time to travel to meet our little guy grew nearer, the excitement for the trip was ever-present, as was the slight fear of the unknown about how the trips would go. Needless to say, we were very pleased when our agency told us that we would be traveling with another adoptive family while overseas, and not only just any other family, but a family that had previously adopted two children from Russia. 
We met the Colles on our first full day in Moscow and had the pleasure of traveling with them for each of our three trips necessary to bring Lleyton home.  We last had the pleasure of seeing them and their son Taggart, who was one of Lleyton’s roommates in their orphanage in Samara, on what was certainly a freezing cold day early in 2008 as we both departed from Moscow en route back to our homes in the States.  The Colles live outside of Denver.  We live outside of Cincinnati.  Which means that we haven’t had much of an opportunity to keep up with them as well as we would have hoped.   Hence, when they reached out to us a couple of weeks ago saying they were going to be driving through Cincinnati on vacation we jumped at the chance to get together with them and reunite our boys.   
The boys in December 2007
The boys now.
The boys clearly hit the ground running when it comes to enjoying hanging out did all of the siblings.  Here's to hoping that we can have the pleasure of hanging with them again next year during their summer roadtrip.  


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