Monday, October 10, 2011

Future babysitters? The jury is still out.

More time than not over the past few weekends has been spent in the car driving to Indianapolis and points beyond.  So it wouldn't have been a Saturday if we didn't pack the kids into the family mobile, put on an endless stream of Spongebob or Tom and Jerry for the kids enjoyment and put the vehicle on auto pilot en route to meeting the newest member of the family, Baby Nora. 

We were a bit concerned about having the little ones around a two day old baby and here's why...

Hence, when it was time to hold Baby Nora these two were quickly skipped over in favor of this eager future babysitter.

The two little ones were able to jump up on the couch and observe how to properly hold their newest cousin, but that is about as close as they got.

That is until Addy got close enough to sneak a kiss.

On top of getting to meet their newest cousin, the kids also got to hang with a few of their other cousins as well.  And as usual, they had a great time.

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  1. Woohoo Parker! Glad to know you've got at least one potential babysitter.