Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our very special guest.

We always enjoy having family over to the house to visit, and today was no different.  What set today apart was our extra special guest.  Along with looking forward to seeing Sara's mom and step dad, we were also very excited to see her Grandma.  For as long as I have known her, Grandma Rena has not ventured out of town other than to visit Grandpa Bob in the hospital in Indianapolis.  So we were honored that she would want to make the long drive to visit us.  The visit was awesome.  Grandma Rena was such a good sport with all of the kids.  I am sure she is going to get a very good night sleep tonight after the little ones put her through their version of the Olympics.  I hope she enjoyed the visit half as much as we did.

Shortly after her arrival, Addy came to the conclusion that Grandma Rena and her were fast friends.  They hit it off while drawing pictures.

Highlights from the Olympics...

Flawless form.

Flawless form, Part 2.

Staring down the sign before delivering a perfect strike.

After retiring Lleyton on 3 pitches, she made quick work of Parker.

4 generations.

The boys are always so excited to see Grandpa Don.  When Don is in the house, fun abounds.  Here is Lleyton waiting anxiously for his arrival.

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