Sunday, January 2, 2011

Searching for bears (and Swiper).

Sara and I loaded the kids into the car this weekend and drove to Georgia to spend some time with friends.  Our journey took us to Big Canoe, which is a fantastic resort type of community in the mountains.  To our chagrin, the weather did not really cooperate with us yesterday, as it rained for nearly the entire day.  There was a brief break in the rain shortly before dusk so we abruptly put the kids jackets on and took them out to explore.  It was so much fun.  Lleyton and Parker were intently searching for bears (as usual, Lleyton also had his eyes peeled looking for Swiper).  While we weren't doing our homemade bear calls, the boys were racing each other up and down the hills or searching for the perfect stick.  Addy, of course, looked on with amusement. 

Pictures to prove it...

The boys were able to corral a couple deer

The perfect stick.

Lleyton clearly came out ahead in this race.

The boys were able to take a break from the bear hunting to get a picture with Addy.

Tracing the scent.

Me and my boys.

As it turned out, the only bears the boys found were on Addy's slippers.

The weather was perfect this morning as we were leaving, so I couldn't resist pulling over and get a few more pictures.

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