Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The paperwork begins

Days one and two of completing our paperwork are almost behind us. The application to Gladney consists of a long application where we reveal everything about ourselves that one might want to know, asking four people to write reference letters for us, getting our physician's seal of approval, and completing a checklist of about 15 other documents. After we submit our application to Gladney we will begin our homestudy. While filling out our application we also have to send in what is called an I600-A form and sending it into the Immigration office. That is our official request to adopt a foreign born child.

Sara worked yesterday evening and this evening finishing up most of the application. Thank goodness she has such good penmanship, because if I were to have to write it, we probably wouldn't get approved.

Quick sidenote on Lleyton, we can't seem to get the boy to like birthday cake, or pizza or other delicious things that other little ones like, but over the last couple of days he has taken and extreme liking to roasted red pepper hummus on bagel chips. He is developing a very sophisticated pallet.

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