Thursday, December 18, 2008

Newest member of the clan

Please help to me welcome the newest member of our family, Wendell. Wendell came to us this past weekend through a foster home. He was rescued from a animal shelter in Kentucky by GRRAND, a golden retriever rescue organization. Sara and I have been pondering bringing another dog into the family since Bailey passed away this summer. Since Bailey's passing, Max just hadn't been the same, so it was only right to try to help another dog, and give Max a new best friend. The adjustment has been going quite well. As Wendell's description said on the GRRAND website, he enjoys life in the slow lane. He is a senior dog, listed at 8 years old, but may be older. He has a very sweet disposition and Max and Lleyton really seem to enjoy having him around (I can't say the same for Molly).

Adoption update: We are submitting our I-600A today and we have applied to have our homestudy done by an agency in KY. Just like during our adoption of Lleyton, we are working very hard to get the paperwork part of this process completed as quickly as possible, b/c once it is all completed we can be added to the list of families waiting to receive a referral.

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