Saturday, June 30, 2012

Officially a family of six!

Forgive me for being a day late in relaying the news that we had been waiting to receive for what seems like forever, but yesterday afternoon, to our surprise, we got word that Camden's EP was approved. 

What does that mean to the layperson?

It means that he is officially ours and that we will be traveling to Korea in no time flat.  In fact, just this evening we booked flights that will take us to our young man's homeland. 

As I tweeted yesterday, we are feeling quite a few emotions right now, not the least of which is overwhelmed.  We have so many things to do before the time comes for us to board that outbound plane to Seoul, but we are also feeling very thankful, fortunate, maybe a bit nervous, certainly excited, always realistic, and completely thrilled. 

It's been a long road...meaning the road we have traveled to ultimately bring home Camden has been long, but so has the road that led us to the family that we have.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to form the family that we have and we are overcome with feelings of what's life going to be like with another little person in the house.   Worry not, the kids have assured us they will be stepping up to the plate and welcoming young Camden with open arms.  Let's just hope that Camden has the same feelings in regards to welcoming all of us into his life. 

I can't help but harken back to almost 2 years ago today when we brought Addy home.  About half way up an escalator in Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport, after a long journey that had taken us from Cincinnati, to Dubai, to Addis Ababa and then from Addis back to Dubia through NYC and onto Atlanta before boarding a flight to Hilton Head, Sara and I agreed that three kids was it.  Am I ever glad we realized that decision was a direct result of a 24 hour period of nothing but a screaming kid on a plane with two people who she only saw a strangers. 

Life most likely won't be easy when we bring Camden home, but at least we know that.  We wouldn't have set out on the journey we have if we wanted life to be as easy as possible.  We are ready for the challenges that may face us, and we are thrilled to be another day closer to getting over there and meeting the little guy we have loved since the moment we first saw his picture.

Stay tuned...


  1. Congrats!! Praying for safe travels.

  2. Congratulations! So excited to hear the news after your persistence. Safe travels - will be praying for your transition!
    The Colles

  3. So very excited for you guys, and can't wait to meet your sweet boy! Congratulations!