Thursday, March 15, 2012

He's full term.

Yesterday marked the completion of our 9th month of waiting for Camden to come home.  If only adoption mimicked pregnancy and we could induce and get our little guy home sooner rather than later.  Don't think it works that way.

At this point we are hopeful that our wait will be over with in the next 6 months...which would put us traveling to Korea to pick up our very handsome then-to-be 2 yr old this fall. 

Who knows, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised and he will come home earlier than expected (our hopes are not up). 

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  1. Hi Ritzmann Family,
    I just wanted to say that we're thinking about you. I know the wait can be hard. I hope you're keeping busy and enjoying your time as five as much as you can.
    All our best,
    The Bates