Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another care package on its way...almost

We are relying on the care packages we have put together for Camden to help get him acquainted with who we are, as we have always included pictures the kids and Sara and I that Camden's foster mom is hopefully sharing with him.  To our chagrin, we have yet to see any pictures of our little guy with our care packages, but we have been assured that they have been sent and they are given to him during his every other month visit to the agency's office. 

Along with the package pictured above that is almost ready to make its way from Kentucky to Seoul, we will include the following the pictures...

Just in case Camden's foster mom can't speak English, Sara came up with the grand idea of writing "brother" and "sister" in Korean on each of the kids signs above their names. 

These guys can't wait to have their little brother home...and neither can we.

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